Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes and structures are increasingly becoming a thing in our generation thanks to the strength, durability, affordability, and sustainability of recyclable materials.


They are almost readily available around the world and even cheaper near the ports. Take advantage of unused land and create an edge against your competition by offering functional and comfortable spaces around the world.


Explore how a shipping container home could benefit you and your business, please contact us!

Create Your Own Boutique Lodging Experience

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In 90 days you could have your very own, customized shipping container rental property, delivered turnkey, anywhere in the United States, and ready to start generating revenue for YOU upon arrival.  


Our container homes are built to withstand every type of climate from the snowy slopes of The Rockies, to the deserts of Arizona, and the tropical beaches of Florida. 

The option to use shipping containers to design and build homes also brings you a financial advantage, you could be debt-free due to the affordability of shipping container homes while making extra income for other ventures.

The possibilities are endless and we will be with you every step of the way!

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1. Let's Chat!

Let's see how a shipping container home could benefit you or your business

2. Confirm Specifcations

Confirm layout and specifications to make this container home yours!

3. Approval

3D rendering with the layout, colors, furnishings, and all details will be sent to you for approval

4. Start the Countdown!

Now the bread is in the oven! 90 DAYS until your final project is at your site!

5. Delivery/Installation

We handle everything from design to delivery. Your new home will arrive onsite ready for installation and to be placed on foundation

6.Make Money

Let your short term rental start bringing in new revenue immediately!



Let's see which build works best for you 


Oasis in 320 sq ft

Starting at $60,000
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Create that cozy bungalow

Starting at $45,000
Exterior rear.jpg

If you can dream it, we can make it a reality from homes to bars to anything in between

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Our models do not start with a bare bone container nickle and diming you for each upgrade. We only focus on high end lodging that will echo your brands message.



We deliver your dream container home right to your front steps!

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We are confident our pricing will beat any of our competitors. Don't believe us? Contact us below!




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Get Noticed

This will help your grassroots marketing by giving you an income generating differentiator on your property

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Generate Income

We can put together a free plan showing how much money your shipping container can bring in. This will include short term rental data to show how much income this can generate

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Keep Guest At Your Property

You have made a great destination, let's work together to make sure the guest don't have to leave!


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