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Frequently Asked Questions


Why shipping containers?

Containers are unique, memorable, and can act as adult building blocks that allow your creative spirit to take over. They are affordable, easy to move, and manufactured to be structurally sound to withstand the elements while protecting their contents.

How fast can you get me my container?

90 days after all specifications are confirmed! As you can see this is much quicker than our competition or any other traditional builds.

How much does shipping cost?


We build the cost of shipping into the cost of your quote and take care of the delivery too!  Our pricing does not tack on little fees and we are confident we can beat any price from our competition.


Do you guys use recycled containers?


Generally, we use new containers built for purpose.  We prefer this method because it provides the most guaranteed structural integrity that will last a  lifetime. We can use recycled containers for personal use but do not suggest it for commercial builds.


How do I get started?


Shoot us a message and we will take it from there. We can customize to meet your building requirements from layout to building codes to finishes. If you need some inspiration we have some pre-existing layouts on our website. The process is simple let's talk!

Cargo Shipping Containers
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