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Shipping Container Homes

Shipping container homes and structures are becoming increasingly popular as a building material thanks to the strength, durability, affordability, and sustainability of recyclable materials.

Take advantage of your unused land by offering functional, comfortable and unique spaces, no matter where you are in the world.


Explore how a shipping container home could benefit you and your business, from short term rentals, to vacation homes, to large commercial builds and affordable housing projects.  

All of our containers are manufactured to the highest quality standards:

  • Brand new containers made. of 100% Corten steel.

  • Dual-pane windows and glass doors

  • Painted the color of your choice

  • Spray foam insulation (R-value depending on location)

  • Quartzite countertops

  • Tile Bathroom floors


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Our models do not start with a bare bone container nickle and diming you for each upgrade. We only focus on high end lodging that will echo your brands message.



We deliver your dream container home right to your front steps!

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We are confident our pricing will beat any of our competitors. Don't believe us? Contact us below!


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20' High Cube

Container Home


  • Dimensions: 20'x8' and 9'6" high.

  • 120 square feet of living space

  • Studio layouts complete with full bathroom

  • Customizable colors and finished 

  • Many layouts available

Starting at $39,000

Get Layouts

40' High Cube Container Home


  • Dimensions: 40'x8' and 9'6" high.

  • 340 square feet of living space

  • Studio layouts complete with full bathroom

  • Customizable colors and finished 

  • Many layouts available

Starting at $64,000

Learn More

Commercial Builds

Boma Properties will source your large scale commercial projects with unmatched price and quality.

Contact us to tell us about your build, we would be happy to walk you through the process.



1. Let's Chat!

Let's see how a shipping container home could benefit you or your business

2. Confirm Specifcations

Confirm layout and specifications to make this container home yours!

3. Approval

3D rendering with the layout, colors, furnishings, and all details will be sent to you for approval

4. Start the Countdown!

Now the bread is in the oven! 90 DAYS until your final project is at your site!

5. Delivery/Installation

We handle everything from design to delivery. Your new home will arrive onsite ready for installation and to be placed on foundation

6.Happy Customer

Enjoy your new living space however you choose

Frequently Asked Questions

Why shipping containers?

Containers are unique, memorable, and can act as adult building blocks that allow your creative spirit to take over. They are affordable, easy to move, and manufactured to be structurally sound to withstand the elements while protecting their contents.

How fast can you get me my container?

90 days after all specifications are confirmed! As you can see this is much quicker than our competition or any other traditional builds.

How much does shipping cost?


We build the cost of shipping into the cost of your quote and take care of the delivery too!  Our pricing does not tack on little fees and we are confident we can beat any price from our competition.


Do you guys use recycled containers?


Generally, we use new containers built for purpose.  We prefer this method because it provides the most guaranteed structural integrity that will last a  lifetime. We can use recycled containers for personal use but do not suggest it for commercial builds.


How do I get started?


Shoot us a message and we will take it from there. We can customize to meet your building requirements from layout to building codes to finishes. If you need some inspiration we have some pre-existing layouts on our website. The process is simple let's talk!

How do Boma Properties container homes prevent condensation?


Steel framing and closed spray foam prevent condensation while complying with all building codes. This creates the vapor barrier we need. We also recommend recycled PVC paneling as drywall can crack or absorb water in adverse conditions.



What do you suggest for the foundation?


There are three types of foundations we suggest our clients utilize.  They are listed and described in our order of suggestion below:


  1. Stem wall:  optional Fox-Box, insulated foundation. Prevents pump freezing while still allowing access to plumbing. This gives you a consistent look. (best design)  Estimated cost - $10,000

  2. Sono-tube: 6 pillars or four reinforced pillars can set the container up. Most cost-effective option.  Estimated cost $4,000

  3. Slab: Roughed in plumbing, so it looks like it's sitting flat on the ground. Best looking/least functioning. No crawl-space Estimated cost $8,000-10,000


*Boma Properties does not build foundations.


Do you provide architectural drawings?

We can provide a basic layout, elevations, electrical, and plumbing. If you need stamped plans, you will need a licensed architect in your specific location.


Contact Us


Thank you and you will be hearing from us shortly!

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