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Frequently Asked Questions



How do Boma Properties container homes prevent condensation?


Steel framing and closed spray foam prevent condensation while complying with all building codes. This creates the vapor barrier we need. We also recommend recycled PVC paneling as drywall can crack or absorb water in adverse conditions.



What do you suggest for the foundation?


There are three types of foundations we suggest our clients utilize.  They are listed and described in our order of suggestion below:


  1. Stem wall:  optional Fox-Box, insulated foundation. Prevents pump freezing while still allowing access to plumbing. This gives you a consistent look. (best design)  Estimated cost - $10,000

  2. Sono-tube: 6 pillars or four reinforced pillars can set the container up. Most cost-effective option.  Estimated cost $4,000

  3. Slab: Roughed in plumbing, so it looks like it's sitting flat on the ground. Best looking/least functioning. No crawl-space Estimated cost $8,000-10,000


*Boma Properties does not build foundations.


Do you provide architectural drawings?

We can provide a basic layout, elevations, electrical, and plumbing. If you need stamped plans, you will need a licensed architect in your specific location.

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