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Design to Delivery

Boma Industries will deliver a "plug in pay" container. We will work with you step by step from designing your dream cube from delivering it right on your front steps.

1.Let's Chat!

Let’s discuss your land and your business to figure out the best options for you. We will then put together a detailed plan, mapping out the revenue potential of your containers to ensure it fits with your priorities.

2.Confirm Specifications

Pull out your inner HGTV! Pick the layout that you want, then start customizing everything from container color, kitchen, windows, doors, floors, décor and much more. Once completed, we will provide a 3D rendering with your layout/furnishings for your approval.

3. Approval

Sign off on the 3D rendering and all designs.

4. Start the countdown!

Once the deposit is paid, the manufacturing begins on your custom container home! During this time we will work closely with you to answer any questions you may have and provide a checklist of what you need to prepare for delivery. 

5. Delivery and Install

Your container will be delivered on a flat bed truck to be unloaded directly onto your foundation via crane. Once placed, it will be ready for the installation of utilities and you are all set to start generating a return!

6. Make Money!

Let the dollars roll in and your investment pay off!

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